Sand Glow Ball

The Crayola Glow Sand Ball is something I purchased on a whim while stocking up on stuff to keep Jack (ok, and me) entertained over summer break. The package wasn’t particularly enticing, but for $1.99 at Tuesday Morning, I decided to take a chance. It came with three color packs, so at less than $1 per use, I figured it was better than buying Jack a couple of lottery scratch off tickets.

crayola sand ball

Plus, they retail for $14.99 on Crayola’s site, so yay me! I’m thrifty!

Basically, you just pour a packet of the included “glow sand” and glow sand “activator” into the ball using a little enclosed funnel and then off you go to enjoy “up to 4 hours” of fun, preferably during “outdoor, evening use only.”

sand packs Notice the “pre-pressurized” pocket on top for the special glow sand activating stuff…

glow sand with flash Here is the yellow sand, with flash.

glow sand in action Here it is “in action,” glowing in the dark.

The disclaimer regarding the mixing of glow sand ball ingredients made me think of this old SNL commerical for Happy Fun Ball:

SNL skit Happy Fun Ball

Once we got everything mixed up, the ball did indeed glow in the dark. We soon discovered, as you might expect with a 7 year old boy, that it was way more cool to pour out the contents than simply play catch with the glowing orb.

milky way with flash Milky Way galaxy in street with flash

milky way 2 Milky Way galaxy in street with no flash

orion Can you guess? Of course! It is the constellation Orion!

big dipper And the Big Dipper!


So, despite the West Nile Virus I am surely carrying from all of the mosquito bites endured at dusk in the south, this was a pretty cool toy. Bonus points for the funnel and added excitement of pressurized packets to open and mix for the budding scientist Jack.


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