Summer Camp Then and Now

As I kid, I can only recall going to summer camp once, at the park district. I remember being forced to jump in a freezing cold pool in the morning and making crappy arts and crafts in the afternoon, like covering a bottle with scraps of masking tape and then coating the entire thing with brown shoe polish in a lame attempt to make it look like some kind of ancient artifact. Here is a modern-day example from Pinterest which, although light years better than the one I made in my youth, is still not something I would choose to make/admit to making/display in my home as an adult, so the fact that they are still being made makes me wonder at the longevity of this particular craft. masking tape shoe polish bottle craft

I also seem to recall “sculpting” an ash tray out of clay, although I don’t recall if it was for one particular parent or both, since this was after all the 70s and everyone smoked with abandon. My mom used to call ahead to the Park N’ Shop and give us money to pick up a gallon of milk and some smokes for her and we got to keep the change to play video games…ah, the carefree 70s.

So you can imagine my amazement when Jack went to a week-long art camp sponsored by the City of Savannah’s Cultural Affairs Department and made art running the gamut from textiles:

stuffed dog this is a stuffed version of Jack’s dog, Krypto

to clay:

three headed monster this is a monster with three separate heads. The piece in the background is the house that Jack fashioned for the monster to live in

lizard necklace this is a lizard necklace

dino fossil and die this is a dino head fossil and a die with little 3D bits of mineral for the digits on each side

stepping stone and finally, a garden stepping stone that I was informed was “too valuable” to actually use in the yard and risk being stepped on.

They also used traditional media like oil pastels, paint, and of course, glitter:

sand dollarsthese are sand dollars

oil pastel drawingand this is simply a cool drawing

2D stepping stonethis is a 2D template for the stepping stone using torn paper in the style of Matisse

artist trading cardsand these are artist trading cards they made, although since these were all made my Jack, I don’t think he found any other young artists worthy of trading with.

shrinky dink necklace and finally, a Shrinky Dink necklace with his name on it–can you think of a better way to wrap up? Oh! Perhaps some performance art? Because each group practiced a little play based on a different Disney movie. Jack’s class did Alladin and guess who got to be the genie? That’s right!

genie jackhe had already taken off his sweet purple vest when I snapped this pic, but you can still make out the mustache and purple face paint. Summer Camp Success!


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