Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved to write. She would compose books and especially loved to spell out what was ahead through a detailed Table of Contents. In grade school, she was reprimanded for the newspaper she printed up, with the feature story of one child biting another (this was the same school that reprimanded her in 2nd grade for coloring her picture exactly like her best friend; apparently, both conformity and creativity were frowned upon in Catholic school). She continued to enjoy her English and Composition classes, was a voracious reader, and every year won White Sox tickets for her perfect school attendance (she was disappointed every year when her parents wouldn’t take her to the games, but once she was old enough to know better, she understood that the White Sox stadium was not in the best neighborhood and it’s not like they were that good of a team, which explains why a suburban Catholic grade school had probably been given the tickets in the first place).

Her love of the written word continued to grow and in her senior year of high school, AP English opened her eyes to the nuances of literature even more. She fell in love with characters like Flaubert’s Emma Bovary and the whole gang in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Gatsby. Correctly diagramming a sentence seemed to give order to her very universe much more so than any math equation. Although she hadn’t given much thought to what she would study in college, when she scored the highest score possible on her AP test to test out of freshman and sophomore level classes, she felt it was a clear sign that she should major in English.

After college, she admits she may have been a bit unbearable with her tendency to correct everyone, and has mellowed in her old age.

She is currently on a mission to bring back grammar and punctuation one properly placed Oxford comma at a time. She wields her proverbial red pen with aplomb, editing and revising text and content like a boss. An avid reader (real books only, thank you very much) and consumer of Internet culture, Marion’s “day job” is Director of Corporate Communications for a start-up tech business. When she has free time, she occasionally posts to her personal blog on things that make her laugh, book recommendations, and a variety of random things.


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