Ain’t No Party Like a Bacon Party…

If you are ever in the mood to entertain but not sure what type of gathering you wish to host, may I suggest a bacon-themed get-together? You’ll be amazed how many people come out of the woodwork to join the fun and the creativity of dishes is a nice bonus, too!

We hosted our second bacon club recently. We founded bacon club in Kansas City and the only requirement was that you bring something made with bacon. Once settling into Tybee, we decided it was time to share the bacon-y love again. Our first gathering was small, with only about 10 people participating, and dishes ranged from avocado BLTs to chocolate bacon…all good.

The second gathering was much bigger, with over twenty people in attendance and dishes ranging from homemade pimento cheese with jalapenos and bacon; caramelized bacon; goat cheese rolled in bacon and crushed pecans; deviled eggs with bacon; chocolate bacon cookies; bacon and egg “pizza;” bacon-wrapped l’il smokies; bacon scones with homemade bacon jam (including honey from the Tybee Island Hives‘ bees!); spinach salad with warm bacon dressing…and so much more.

bacon and eggs These bacon and egg candies made with melted white chocolate, a yellow m&m yolk and pretzel stick bacon were Jack’s favorite…I had to hide this last one to snap a pic before he ate all of the evidence!

Tyler set up an event page on Facebook and word spread quickly. Folks came from as far away as Bluffton, SC, and close enough that they rode their bikes. One couple that we had never met before showed up and introduced themselves, saying “Sean and Wen invited us and told us the password is bacon!”

There were even bacon themed hostess gifts!

bacon keychain This is smiling bacon keychain, although I plan to give it a place of honor on our Christmas tree each year instead!

We also received bacon salt AND a tin of bacon-y goodness for dipping the rim of cocktail glasses like Bloody Marys (note to self, add bacon-y cocktails for next bacon club gathering)!

Perhaps the most impressive (to me anyway), was the guest who took the time to re-create the popular Pinterest pin of bacon roses!

bacon roses The fabulously talented Carolyn Williams, posing with her creation. When I realized what they were, I wondered whether to put them in a vase or offer them on a platter for guests to enjoy? I finally decided to pass them around for all to see, take a pic with their creator, and then put them on the counter to re-purpose the “blooms” into salad toppers for later, all the while hoping that the dog wouldn’t figure out a way to reach them (not entirely out of the realm of possibility. Although a small dog, he has been known to leap up and snatch a hat right off of Jack’s head–for some reason, only winter hats, not baseball caps or any other kind of hat). 

krypto on dog sheetsKrypto the super dog…am sure a post dedicated just to him is forthcoming. Notice how at home he is on my pillow? And doesn’t feel the least bit bad about sitting atop dog sheets? But I digress from bacon…

I asked (ok, mandated) that Tyler make candied bacon. His first attempt actually caught fire in the oven and temporarily filled the house with smoke, but his second attempt was well worth the potential 911 call.

My two favorite comments from the event were: “I didn’t think you could improve deviled eggs, but adding bacon was pure genius!” and “bacon is the duct tape of food.”

post script: Tyler and I went to a small local play production last night to see some friends perform. After the show, one of the actresses introduced us to her husband who said, “You’re the ones who host a bacon club?! Can we please come to the next one? I love bacon!” and he proceeded to show us his tattoo of a heart wrapped in…you guessed it, a strip of bacon.